Trade Ceremony Torre Pacheco 2018

More than 300 people attended the Torre Pacheco Trade Gala 2018, held on November 28 at the Performing Arts Center in Torre Pacheco.

Promote local commerce, putting it in value as a fundamental pillar in the employment and economy of the municipality, is the purpose of this event, organized by the City of Torre Pacheco, with the collaboration of the Association of Merchants of Torre Pacheco and the company Markets Pacheco Tower.

An act in which the protagonists were the shops and merchants of the municipality and was chaired by the Mayor of Torre Pacheco, Antonio León, accompanied by the president of COEC Cartagena, Pedro Pablo Hernández, the president of COEC Torre Pacheco, Julián Pedreño , Felix Castillo, president of the Merchants Association, and members of the Municipal Corporation.

A day of encounter between the merchants of the municipality, enlivened by live music and that began with the delivery of the prizes of the I Contest of Showcases of Autumn; the third prize with a colorful autumn goggle adorning the window went to Loyra Optics, the second prize went to Alma, dedicated to fashion and accessories, and the first prize went to Karioca Modas, for his autumnal print on the window.

Markets Torre Pacheco, through COEC, delivered a Special Mention expressing recognition for a lifetime of effort and dedication to trade, to Encarna Gómez López, an emotional moment for the honoree and her family, in front of Encarna Ropas.

The Commercial Trajectory Award granted by COEC Torre Pacheco, went to Ofipapel, and was collected by José Nicolás, Isabel Nicolás and children.

A gala in which the Young Entrepreneur was also valued, with a prize awarded by the City Council of Torre Pacheco, to Alicia Lambert, owner of Coketas.

Finally, the Family Trayectoria del Comercio Award was given, a very special recognition to Gregorio Egea, and his family, for the dedication with which the awarded family has managed to maintain its activity over time, initiated by the first generation for many years behind, and that today his daughters continue.

The presentation of a promotional video of the commerce, valuing the quality, variety and proximity of the local commerce promoted by the Association of Merchants of Torre Pacheco, put the end to a night of celebration for the commerce of Torre Pacheco.