Torre Pacheco

N.º de posts: 160
Market Type: Varied
Day of the week: Saturday
Start time: 6.00 h.
End time: 15.00 h.
Avenida de Fontes, Calle Dr. Marañón, Calle Navarro de Haro

Location map


The weekly market takes place on Saturday mornings and is located in Avenida de Fontes, Dr. Marañón Street, Navarro de Haro Street.

Modules are distributed in 3, 6, 9 and 12 meters, with a total of 160 vendors today.

 Weekly  market with several decades of history.
 Among the merchants who are offering are the following products: fruits and vegetables, meat, roast chicken, churros, meats, nuts, baked goods and pastries, made of fabrics (textiles and fabrics), kitchenware and household cosmetics and bath, plants and flowers, gift items (watches, glasses, toys) as well as jewelery and shoes.

The market is held every Saturday throughout the year (except holidays) and lasts from 6 hours to 15 hours.
The market runs along a main street (Avenida de Fontes-Doctor Marañón Street) and has a subsidiary which is the Navarro de Haro Street. Output is from anywhere in the outside market with a location that allows quick intervention of the medical assistance, fire and police if required his presence.

The market is visited by about 1,000 people each time it is held and its scope reaches mainly the residents of Los Alcazares, Los Olmos, El Albardinal, Los Meroños, Pozo Estrecho, La Palma, Mar Menor Golf Resort and of course Torre Pacheco.